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How to Clean and Disinfect Sports Equipment

How to Clean and Disinfect Sports Equipment

How to Clean and Disinfect Sports Equipment

Athletic gear can get dirty. Real dirty. Learn how to clean and disinfect sports equipment like soccer cleats, shin guards, gym equipment to help keep odour and germs at bay.

Washing fabric sports gear:

Keep in mind that much of your athletic wear and fabric sports gear can simply be added to your regular bleach laundry. Just be sure to check the care label and make sure there’s no spandex, and remember to check for colorfastness.

Cleaning sports equipment:

You’ll be glad to know that the same Clorox® bleach product* that is used for laundry of bleachable fabrics, can also clean and disinfect sports equipment, even your favorite plastic coated kettlebell. Any sports equipment with a hard, nonporous surface can be cleaned, and disinfected by wiping down with a bleach and water solution. Here’s how.

Gather your supplies:

  1. Clorox® Disinfecting Concentrated Bleach*
  2. Measuring Cup
  3. Plastic Dishpan
  4. Sponge
  5. Gloves
  6. Clean white towels

Steps for cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing sports equipment

Prepare a bleach solution

  1. Prepare diluted bleach solution
    Add 80 mL (1/3 cup) of Clorox® Disinfecting Concentrated Bleach in 3.8 L of waterin a plastic dishpan.
  2. Clean Hard Surfaces
    Wearing rubber gloves, apply the diluted bleach solution to hard, nonporous items. Allow surface to remain wet for 6 minutes.
  3. Rinse with water.
    After 6 minutes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  4. Air Dry
    Hang items or lay them onto a towel to air dry.